My Kdrama Addiction | 2016

What are kdramas?

How I was Introduced to Kdramas and when?

In Nov 2015 my sister showed me 100 days with Mr. Arrogant on YouTube since then we started watching ‘South Korean movies with English subtitles’ on YouTube. I searched for 100 days with Mr. Arrogant movie actor Kim Jae Won’s wiki page and started watching my first ever kdrama Can you hear my heart on 10 Feb 2016. Since then there is no going back. 

:white_square_button:South Korean Movies on YouTube:white_square_button:

100 days with Mr. Arrogant, Millionaire’s first love, My tutor friend, Baby and me, Seducing Mr. Perfect, My Little Bride, My Sassy girl, He was cool, 200 pounds beauty,  My girl and I, Jenny and Juno, Too beautiful to lie, My bf is type B and so many more I don’t even remember the names.

Recent moviesTrain to busan, Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, Canola, Bigbang made, The Tunnel, One way trip, My way, Confidential Assignment.

FEB 2016- Upon searching for kdrama recommendations on google I got names of 100 kdramas from I used it to select next dramas to watch and also randomly searching for kdramas on YouTube and watching anything I got.. In first four months-

(FEB-MAY 2016)

Finished kdramas-28,

other asian dramas (Taiwanese & Thai)-5,

left unfinished- 4 

mini dramas-8

Popular drama that I didn’t like and maybe the first drama that I dropped is You who came from the star. I think bad video quality was main reason back then but I don’t really want to continue it now. First drama I hated the most is Please comeback mister. I started it because of dramafever but I didn’t liked it all.

After that I got little bored of dramas and also life happened so again after one and half month I resumed watching dramas Just 2 or 3 in second half of july 2016.

From August 2016 I got into kdrama like never before. And in september 2016 I started watching on air kdramas. (Cinderella & four knights, etc because of dramafever.)

(July- Sep 2016)

Finished kdramas-21,

other Asian dramas (Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese)-4,

left unfinished- 8

mini dramas-4

This is crazy addiction! Did I watch one drama everyday? Probably, Yes! (YouTube offline saves a life but too sad for quality and voice.)

In oct 2016, I finally decided to check out kissasian after reading about it everywhere but this was my first time using it. It takes too much time to download episodes so I decided to download movies only. Downloaded all popular Asian movies (mostly Japanese and Train to busan). Exo next door and love in Tokyo 2 were among my first downloads on kissasian.

On 7or 8 oct 2016 I discovered this app kdrama amino while searching for kdrama related app on playstore.

Downloading all OSTs I remembered right from my first kdrama. I wanted to get into kpop too so I downloaded kpop amino and listened to some popular songs but I didn’t really get into it.

I am also in love with kdrama memes. I saved 500+ memes in my dropbox folder.

(Oct 2016)

Finished kdramas-12,

other Asian dramas –6,

left unfinished- 4

mini dramas-1

(No. of dramas got reduced because of spending too much time on Kdrama amino app.)

After sep- oct I decided I will never watch dramas after midnight. I really hate getting dark circles. I have just once or twice broken this resolution till now.

Nov-Dec 2016 so many awesome dramas, I was eagerly waiting for LOTBS but one that got me hooked was WFKBJ. Now, I am only using kissaisn through tubemate to download episodes of  my on air dramas and other dramas too. Dramas gets even better if you watch it in good quality and on bigger screen (laptop).

(Nov- Dec 2016)

Finished kdramas-13,

other Asian dramas –2,

left unfinished- 20

mini dramas-4

Dropped many dramas here some at episode 1 only. This was start of drama slump maybe. I only liked one of 4 dramas that I began watching, this continued in 2017 too. (Different post for that.)

Kdramas Categorised (my watchlist).



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Where to watch kdramas?

Free+ Subscriptions on Dramafever, NetFlix, Viki.

Free+Download- kissasian, dramanices, dramacool, etc. (I use this.)

(Some KBS, MBC channel dramas are on Youtube. Other dramas are not in good quality, cropped or in small screen size. Websites gives better drama watching experience as compared to YouTube.)

:cherry_blossom:Do you promote kdramas?:cherry_blossom:

I only give suggestions to newbies  and if by chance I get to know other kdrama fans on YouTube, twitter or Instagram. I don’t ask people to watch kdramas nor I brag about how great kdramas are maybe I just cannot find the right people. Also I don’t want to get blamed for introducing them to this obsession and addiction. So I don’t really suggest unless that person watches drama of his or her home country and loves exploring other countries movies and dramas too. But there aren’t any such people offline. I don’t know a kdrama fan in real life other than my younger sister.

Drama Recommendations

(From dramas that I watched in one year.)



Must Have!

:blossom:1. Kdrama Amino App:blossom:

 I personally think all those who are already watching kdramas should know about this ‘kdrama amino app’.

I found this app in October 2016 and quickly after learning how to use it, I got addited to this app. It has lot of features and it keeps updating frequently. The best thing about this app is that you have a place to share your kdrama obsession and make friends who love kdramas. I was equally addicted to this app as much as kdramas so my time got divided here. Slowly it faded away too. After checking in daily (except problems like no WiFi, I said goodbye to this app after using it for 5 months.)


2. My Drama List

:blossom:My Profile

This is a website which allows you to keep track of Asian dramas you are watching and lot more.

The feature that made me super interested in this site is the list function. I saw someone’s list mention in KDA (kdrama amino app) and in Jan 2017 I made an account on this site. Now this is the site where I login daily. I earlier used to write the date and names of dramas that I have watched/dropped but thanks to MDL ( I now see it more clearer manner on my watch list. Search function is much more helpful to get recommendations by year, genre, country, etc.




 Do watch Exciting India (Travel Variety Show Kpop) on Kbs world YouTube channel. Also zindagi channel aired kdrama  Descendants of the Sun.

fluttering exciting india

I watched this variety show of 4 episodes right after watching my first ever kdrama. This is how i got interested in kpop but sadly I don’t have a bias nor I listen to it daily. I haven’t watched any other variety shows either.

Favorite kpop songs

Let’s not fall in love- Bigbang

Fire- BTS



:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Wrap Up of 2016 kdramas:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

List of names of the kdrama & Date it started airing on.

Watched :heavy_check_mark: (I’ve ticked even if I started watching it and discontinued it later.)

Disliked :heavy_multiplication_x:

(Must watch-my recommendation):100:

Cheese in the trap 4 Jan:heavy_check_mark::100: Moorim School 11 Jan 2016 Signal 22 jan:heavy_check_mark::100:Madam Antonnie 22 Jan:heavy_check_mark:Thumping spike 20 feb:heavy_check_mark:Descendants of the sun 24 feb:heavy_check_mark::100:Please comeback mister 24 feb:heavy_multiplication_x:Page Turner 26 march:heavy_check_mark:Marriage Contract 5 Mar :heavy_check_mark:Dear my friends 13 may:heavy_check_mark:Mirror of the witch 13 mayBeautiful Gong Shim 14 May:heavy_check_mark:Goodbye Mr. Black 16 mar:heavy_check_mark:Entertainer 20 Apr:heavy_check_mark:Another oh hae young 2 may:heavy_check_mark::100:Lucky romance 25 may:heavy_check_mark::100:Doctors 20 jun:heavy_check_mark:W 20 jul:heavy_check_mark::100:Uncontrollably Fond 6 july:heavy_check_mark:Let’s fight ghost 11 july:heavy_check_mark::100:Age of youth 22 jul:heavy_check_mark::100:Cindrella and four knights 12 Aug:heavy_check_mark::100:Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 22 Aug :heavy_check_mark:Jealousy Incarnate 24 Aug:heavy_check_mark:Moon lovers 29 aug:heavy_check_mark:Drinking Solo 5 sep:heavy_check_mark::100:On the way to airport 21 sepShopping king Louis 21 sep:heavy_check_mark::100:K2 22 sep:heavy_check_mark:Women with a suitcase 26 sepSomething of 1% 5 oct:heavy_check_mark::100:Gogh, the starry night 22 oct:heavy_check_mark::100:Man living in our house, Sweet stranger and me 24 Oct Entourage 4 nov Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 7 nov:heavy_check_mark:Oh my gheum bi 16 nov Legends of the blue sea 16 nov:heavy_check_mark::100:Weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo 16 nov:100::heavy_check_mark:Night light 21Goblin:heavy_check_mark: Hwarang the beginning :heavy_multiplication_x:

(I have included almost all popular dramas and the ones I heard about, I don’t know if I skipped any. Also only included those dramas that started airing in 2016 and not the ones that were continued from 2015)

Mini dramas 

Hello spring, The one and only, Summer love, Prince’s Prince, Never die, Midnight’s girl, Page turner, Click your heart, Surplus Princess, Thumping spike, Love cells 2, Delicious love, Choco bank, High end crush, Noble my love, Bong soon a cyborg in love, We broke up, Exo next door, Ma boy, Gogh starry night, Thumping spike 2, Splash splash love, Seven first kisses, To be continued, Her lovely heels, Ruby Ruby Love, The Universe’s Star.

*[ Highlighted ones are my recommendations.]

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