Today is 31/12/2017 and I wanted to finish this year watching something nice but I didn’t find anything interesting today. I dropped watching I’m your destiny (Japanese drama) at episode 2. Yesterday, I watched Our times (Taiwanese movie) which I liked. I will just watch random Running Man episode before going to sleep. Are you going to celebrate(or not) watching dramas (if yes, which) too?

~Korean Dramas that I liked (From 2017)~

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Voice(half), Queen of the ring, My father is strange, Chicago Typewriter, My only love song, Tunnel (half), School 2017, while you were sleeping, Age of youth 2, because this is my first life, Witch’s Court, 20th century boy&girl, Girls Generation 1979, I’m not a robot, Queen for seven days, Just between lovers, somehow18.

~Other kdramas that I liked- watched in 2017~

Oh my lady, reply 1997, school 2017, 49days, because it’s the first time, sweden laundry(half), scent of the woman, couple or trouble, wild romance, mirror of the witch(half), let’s eat, let’s eat 2, Bridal Mask (half), Reply 1988, Stairway to heaven (half), Angry Mom.

~Other than kdramas that I liked- watched in 2017~

Boss&me (half), A girl & the 3 sweathearts, My boss my hero, Autumn’s Concerto, we married as a job, Eternal love, The Princess
Weiyoung, The eternal love(half), Pride, A love so beautiful.

~~~My greatest discovery of 2017~~~

>>>>>>RUNNING MAN<<<<<<<

1) list of dramas i watched in first half of 2017

2)List of dramas that I watched in second half of 2017

3)Movies that I watched and liked in 2017

Resolution for 2018

I am going to watch (that is complete 2017 on air dramas)

I’m not a robot (Thu-Fri)

Just between lovers (Thu)

A korean odyssey (Maybe)

I am not going to binge any dramas in 2017 or start new dramas. I am trying to break away from watching kdramas. Atleast, I will try. There are more chances that I won’t succed because wasting time watching dramas is my only escapism.