How I have Changed Challenge

Drama Watching experience then vs now.

(Click on the link below to read the article. I have written this post on kdrama amino.)


3 thoughts on “How I have Changed Challenge

  1. I find your article interesting! It seems like you’ve grown as an Asian entertainment lover. There are TONS of Good dramas out there. It’s just about filtering the really good ones. I use MDL too and was quite active in it for a couple of years. I love that site because you get to interact with people who likes the same taste of dramas/movies.

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  2. First I discovered kdrama amino app got super addicted to it and later moved on and then discovered mydramalist. Now, I am watching selective dramas based on my interest but I do checkout highly appreciated dramas too sometimes I love, sometimes not. Currently watching Why secretary Kim and Your house helper and some other dramas.

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  3. why Secretary Kim is in my PTW list. I heard that it was a manwha adaptation with lots of kissing scenes! So I’m pretty much excited to see both leading actors and their chemistry. Will binge watch it as soon as it’s done airing.

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