2018 Year in review : Asian Dramas


This post includes list of all kdramas, other Asian dramas and movies that I watched in the year 2018 with ratings & reviews.

This is how I rate dramas.

9-10 I love it.

7-8.5 I like it.

5-6.5 It’s okay.

4-3.5 I don’t like it.

1-3 I hate it.

Here’s my list of all Asian dramas that I’ve watched in 2018 and they were released in 2018 itself.

Completed Kdramas

From 2017 (3)

1. Just Between lovers 9/10 Mydramalist,

I was really excited about this drama when I watched Junho pics on jtbc intsa. I checked teasers and decided to just for it. I just loved this drama. This drama is full of quotes. Quotes for Just Between lovers I think I will rewatch this drama someday. My most favourite ost is- https://youtu.be/RuPyoCGEeWw

2. I’m not a robot 9.5/10 Mydramalist

I think main leads allergy of people is the reason that I decided to watch this drama. Sometimes I didn’t like the humour in this drama (it was just a few starting episodes and characters I guess) but I loved the chemistry of main leads. I loved it till the end. I just think that after all that they just made the big reveal so easy which he would have definitely overlooked in previous episodes. Yoo Seung Ho is one if my favourite actor now and I am excited to watch his next drama- My strange hero.

3. A Korean Odyssey 7/10 Mydramalist

Hong sisters dramas look big budget and have atleast one actor that will make want to watch the drama for me that one was Lee Seung gi as it was his comeback drama. I also like Lee Hong ki (Bride of the century) who has a supporting role. I enjoyed the different little ghost stories every week. I hated Ma wang character/acting. I couldn’t stand him, sorry. This drama had a very good first half and second half was little to too boring. Still I finished this one. I didn’t care about romance and I hope I don’t see the female lead again, she was okay in the beginning but I disliked her later.

Mini dramas (6)

  1. Flower ever after 8/10
  2. You drive me crazy 8.5/10 Mydramalist I heard good things about this one and started it. It was a decent romance drama special which I liked.
  3. Dokgo rewind 8.5/10
  4. To. Jenny 8/10
  5. Secret Queen makers 3/10 I knew I would not like it \nyet I gave it a chance. Now I think Seven first kisses wasn’t bad at all.
  6. The Hym of death 5/10 mydramalist I read the story in advance because of the tragic plot tag here. I was looking forward to watch it but I couldn’t enjoy it as I thought it was too slow or boring for me. I liked the female lead in Thirty but seventeen but here and in My golden life I didn’t like her. Lee Jong Suk was good. I skipped a lot in next two episodes.

My Top 6 kdramas released in 2018

Loved it (6)

1. My mister 9.5/10 Mydramalist

I finished watching this drama in 5 days. I heard so many good things about this drama but I wasn’t getting convinced to start it. Maybe the whole idea of age gap thing was putting me off. As soon as I finished the first two episodes of this drama I was sure that I am loving it and was hooked. I finished this drama without skimming and having same or more interest as I watched more episodes. Only while watching last episode I thought like something was missing. It wasn’t wrapped up as I would like. My new favorite actor Jang Ki Yong was a bonus for me. 😍 Highly Recommended.

  • 2. What’s wrong with secretary kim 9/10 Mydramalist
  • I was never a fan of Park Seo Joon (because of hwarang and really wasn’t impressed with him She was pretty either.) So, I don’t know, I started this drama because I like female lead Park Min Young (Queen for seven days, city hunter) and Chaebol Rom Com. I wasn’t expecting much but after watching first episode, I was looking forward for the second one. I like female lead and male lead both.After 8 episodes I kept this drama on hold since I wasn’t able to catch up with the episodes weekly and then didn’t had the mood to go back and continue this week finally I managed to watch other episodes and complete this drama too. It was a good romance drama. Recommended.

3. My id is Gangnam beauty 10/10 Mydramalist

The drama of the year, the couple of the year and so many titles I could give to this drama. I loved every bit of it. I wanted to see more of all cast members in last episodes but they kinda of focused more on main leads only. Anyway, I have nothing else to complain. Cha eun woo deserves all the love and appreciation that he is getting now. 😍 Highly recommended.

(Favorite osts Something and D-Day).

4. Top management 9.5/10

(Click on the title link above to read my review post.)
Mydramalist Highly Recommended

5. Thirty but seventeen 9/10

(Click on the title link above to read my review post.)
Mydramalist Recommended

6. Come and hug me 9/10

(Click on the title link above to read my review post.)

Mydramalist Recommended

Liked it (8)

Live 8/10

I heard good stuff about this so started this drama even when i was in drama slump. I think i liked more than half of the drama. Second half was bit dragged and i don’t remember much now.

Your house helper 7.5/10

I loved the concept of this drama. And it’s starting episodes were really good. After 8-10 episodes it started to get boring like most of the dramas and I somehow finished it. All cast members were good.

Let’s eat 3 7.5/10

I am a fan of let’s eat series. I have binged watched both dramas last year and I was waiting for this one. Let’s eat 2 was more special to me because of female lead’s one sided crush on Second lead. This season is all over the place. I didn’t enjoyed this drama as much as it’s previous seasons. Drama was good towards the middle. Start wasn’t very good and end didn’t bother me. I am glad it ended with 14 episodes only.

Voice 2 8/10

Voice is my most favourite crime thriller drama. I had same expectations from season2. I think the starting episodes were as good as season 1. I think villain of this season wasn’t as impressive as it’s previous season. 12 episodes were just enough. I don’t feel anything about the end cliffhanger but I think i will watch another season too.

Terius Behind Me 8/10

(Click on the above title link to read my review.)

Witch’s love 8.5/10

Randomly binge watched this till ep 8 and then while airing, kinda liked it. Wouldn’t have loved it if I was to watch it weekly. Drama is pretty good romance fantasy but not a must watch.

Are you human too 7/10

I had huge expectations from this drama as I was eagerly waiting for it to release but few episodes in and I was bored. It wasn’t a bad drama but not anything like expected it to be. I wasn’t invested in romance part of this drama.

100 days my prince 7/10

(Click on the above title click to read my review.)

Dropped Kdramas (10)

These are all the kdramas from 2018 that I have dropped and have no plans on finishing them. The main reason for dropping this drama is the plot development or pace of drama. Since I was watching them while airing I had less patience. I don’t think most of dramas are worthy of finishing them now. Maybe Mr. sunshine and Familiar wife might be good dramas because I heard good stuff about them in final reviews. Currently I am not interested in finishing them.

Radio Romance (6)💔 6.5/10

That Man oh soo (2)💔 3/10

The great seducer (4)💔 5/10

Rich Family’s son (8)💖 6/10

Wok of love (20)💔 4/10

About time (10)💔 6.5/10

Sketch (10)💖 7/10

Mr. sunshine (10)💔 7/10

Familiar wife (1)💔 5/10

Mama fairy and the woodcutter (2)💔 3/10

Other Kdramas- Binge watched and not released in 2018


  1. Five enough 9.5/10 Mydramalist
  2. Avenger’s social club 8.5/10 Mydramalist
  3. Secret Forest 8/10 Mydramalist
  4. Go back Couple 9.5/10 Mydramalist
  5. The sound of your heart 6.5/10 Mydramalist
  6. I remember you 5/10 Mydramalist
  7. Prison Playbook 9.5/10 Mydramalist
  8. One more happy ending 7/10 Mydramalist
  9. Drama special – A legendary lackey 9/10 Mydramalist
  10. Drama special- Puck 6/10 Mydramalist
  11. Money flower 4/10 Mydramalist

Most favourites are Prison Playbook, Five enough and Go back couple.

I watched most of these drama from Jan- March. So my thoughts are written over there. Ratings tells how much i loved the drama more than my thoughts would.

Jan watchlist, Feb Watchlist, March Watchlist

Dropped kdramas

I just couldn’t get into these dramas. I believe I gave them a fair chance with no. of episodes that I have watched. But I just couldn’t like them enough to continue watching. The reasons are casts, acting, story, plot, and sometimes I was just too bored. I won’t be giving them another chance.

  1. Reply 1994 3/10
  2. Beautiful mind 4/10
  3. Queen of mystery 6/10
  4. On the way to the airport 5/10
  5. Chief Kim 6/10

Other dramas


Chinese dramas

  1. Where the lost ones go 6.5/10 Mydramalist
  2. Siege in fog 8/10 Mydramalist
  3. Accidentally in love 8/10 Mydramalist

Thai drama

Jao Sao Jum Yorm 9/10 Mydramalist


These are the dramas that I haven’t finished. I gave rating depending on how the much I liked the episodes that I watched. I know all these dramas have good ratings and reviews generally but i just couldn’t get myself to continue them for various reasons.


  1. Sound of desert 4/10
  2. Legend of Fu Yao 7/10
  3. Meteor Garden 8/10


4. Hana Kimi (8?) 8/10

Taiwanese drama

5. In time with you (1) 3/10

Movies (2)

Twenty 6.5/10

The outlaws 9/10

Along with the gods 9/10

The Swindlers 5/10

Architecture 101 4/10

A moment to remember 9/10

Perfect couple 7/10

On your wedding day 8.5/10

Along with gods: 49 days 7/10

Han Gong Ju 7/10


I didn’t drop these movies because they weren’t good but because I couldn’t continue them for some reasons.
Silenced/ 71 in to fire/ The Magician/



(Released in 2018) Kdramas- 17,Mini dramas-6

Binged kdramas- 9 +2 drama specials

Other dramas (Cdramas+Thai) 4


(Released in 2018)-10

Other kdramas-5

Other(cdramas, jdrama, taiwanese)- 5

Currently watching – 4

My only one, Top star Yoo Baek, My strange Hero, Feel good to die

Click here for all posts of my currently watching dramas.

Movies- 10

Mydramalist- All dramas/movies/kshows I watched in 2018.

Also check my monthly watchlists for more.

Monthly Watchlists (Jan – Dec 2018)



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7 thoughts on “2018 Year in review : Asian Dramas

  1. i recommend watching the most popular web series of this year “A TEEN- EIGHTEEN” . OST won an award too .

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  2. Sure, I will check it out soon. Thank you. 🙂


  3. Wooo you watched so many kdramas this year. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Too less than dramas I watched in last two years of drama journey. Not many dramas interest me now. 😁


  5. When you want too many kdramas you get familiar with all cliches, and kind of know how good dramas & bad dramas (of course from one’s perspective). And mostly because of DRAMA SLUMP.

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