The Guest (2018) | First Impression

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My Thoughts on (Episodes 1-2)

The main theme of this drama is excorcism. I dropped save me, black after episode 1 because I didn’t like it and it got good reviews too. I had to check this one out because of the positive reviews and good ratings. I have also watched movies like The wailing.

The first episode was way better than I expected it to be. Second episode was good too. I am totally satisfied with the story, acting and the flow of the drama. I am hooked for now.

First I thought it would be guest on priests and exorcism but when I got to see the detective part I was even more excited to watch it. Just when I was wondering what about the police aren’t they investigating about the dead people and then they start with that part.


Kim Dong Wook– I have seen in Along with the gods: 49 days and he was my least favourite character there. I don’t know what I don’t like about him, his acting or the way he speaks. I was sceptical about this drama after seeing him in cast as main lead but when I finally decided to watch this he is also good and fits in perfectly as of now.

Kim Jae Wook- All those who have already watched Voice know him well. I am looking forward to seeing him in different role. He is just okay so far nothing that impressive but there’s more to him story wise.

Jung Eun Chae– Never seen her work her before but she is okay here.

Lee Won Jong- Have seen him in supporting roles before.

Park Ho San– I really like him as an actor he has done a wonderful job in Prison Playbook and My mister. I am always looking forward to his roles but so far doesn’t feel like he is being used to his full potential here.

My ratings for 1st episode- 10/10

Second episode- 9/10.

Have you watched this drama? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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