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Kdrama Memes Collection

Soon after I was smitten by K-dramas, I started collecting K-drama memes. You might wonder although K-drama memes are available on google images then why do I save it? For offline access and for recent memes also to use it on a suitable platform.

I have a dropbox folder where I add K-drama memes that I download from the internet. Currently, I have 737 pics. I haven’t added anything from a month maybe but now I will try to add new memes from time to time. I don’t own any of the memes. The credits for these memes are usually written somewhere on the pics. I used to get it from some Instagram accounts (astriw_92, livinginloganland, ajavillablog, dramafever, etc)

Below is the link to my K-drama memes collection. It also has some K-pop related memes which are relatable too. You can just view the content of this folder. I am not giving permission to edit it because I don’t want same pics to get added twice.


I would really appreciate if you can help me by contributing memes to add to my folder. Share/Upload your favorite (old/new) memes (k-drama, k-pop, or anything that is funny and relatable) to the folder linked below. I will add it to my main K-drama memes folder if that particular pic is already not present there. Comment below if you have any problems while uploading it or any other questions.



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